Quick Start Guide

Warning. This guide is designed to be as simple as it's humanly possible. Honestly, if you can't understand what's happening here, just leave. Leave, and don't come back. Thanks.

Logging in is simple! Just look at the top right corner of the page.
You should see a login button. If you don't see it, you are probably logged in already!
Well, if you don't see anything though, you're probably using a phone or tablet.
Please don't do that. Get a computer. They're pretty cheap nowadays.
If you have to use an UNSUPPORTED device anyways, I have no idea where the button might be.
Maybe on the left. Bottom. Hidden under three menus. Behind the couch. In your ass.
I don't fucking care, just find it. If you STILL can't fucking find it, just click this: A CONVENIENT LOGIN LINK. Fuck you.

Okay, now that you solved one of the biggest mysteries in your life, time for another one.
In the same place that you previously found a login button, there should be your avatar and name!
You should also see a beautiful link to Dashboard.
Guess what you have to do now. No, you can't eat it. No. NO. STOP EATING IT.

Congratulations, you've made it further than 97% of Twitch userbase.
Go call your mom, tell her that she wasn't lying when she called you special.
You're in the dashboard now, you should see a friendly red message. READ IT.
It says everything you fucking have to know. Seriously.
Click the Settings button on the read message. Just click it, stop asking questions.
Now, you can press the dreaded Enable button that half of the human population spent centuries searching for.

Warning. Mikuia won't magically join your channel immediately. Someday, a Join button will be added and this section updated, but for now, Mikuia will only join when you're live. DON'T be surprised that nothing works when you're offline.

Plugins. Those are truly magic things that make stuff work. They can automatically update stuff, they give you useful commands.
Sometimes, they even let you do things outside of Twitch.
They are truly great. Learn to respect them. Yo.
Navigate to the Plugins link on your left. Great.
You can now enable things you need/want/desire.

Awesome, you enabled a plugin. Or maybe few of them. Or all of them. Still counts.
Now, for every plugin you enabled, a box will appear on the Settings page.
Carefully read through the options, and personalize your settings.
The gray text in fields is a default value that will be used for the option if you don't specify anything.
Some fields are called 'Format' fields. Those fields mostly allow you to customize the messages from various events.
We're not going to go into details of that here though. Actually, if you have to read this guide, you probably shouldn't try to change anything there.

Another amazing feature that you will probably want to use! Commands!
Just navigate to Commands from your Dashboard. You should understand that sentence by now.
If you don't, start running before I stab you in the face with a spoon.
From here, you can see all your existing commands, and add new ones.
Some commands won't appear or work if you don't enable the corresponding plugin.
The most used command handler is called base.dummy.
It lets you set a static message as the command response.
After you add a command, or enter the settings menu from the list, you'll see some configurable settings.
From here, you can select if the command should be used only by broadcasters, mods, subs, add a coin cost or minimal level.
It's pretty straight-forward, good luck.

That's it for now. You should now have a vague understanding on how the fuck this thing works.
Go experiment, have some fun, figure stuff out. For more advanced features, check out the additional guides that don't yet exist.
You can make them yourself. That'll surely teach you how to use those features.
Peace, out.