I'm an underranked pleb who plays osu!, speedruns Luigi's Mansion, and plays TGM slowly

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IIDX GOLD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bybkLlNbaaw


This month is SUBTember! All New Tier 1 subs (meaning without an ongoing streak) this month will be 50% off! If you wanna join the Pleb Platoon but have a tight-budget, now could be a good time to invest!


I've updated the bitboss at the top-right of the stream, it now takes damage with donations and even subscriptions! SO be sure to get those in, if you wanna deal some damage!


Compa is best nurse.


There is a new cheermote, the "bitboss" cheermote, should you cheer using this cheermote, you have a chance to crit the current bitboss, increasing damage dealt tenfold, be sure to give it a try!


You're funny, He's not EVER gonna FC this


Because TBG is a total Sellout, He is offering donation incentives depending on what he's streaming, Type !oincentives or !lIncentives to see what they are


For LM, If you send $2, He will do a no-reset run of any category of your choice. (Categories that are possible to no-reset are: Any% (No OoB), 100%, All Boos, Chauncey Key, Bogmire Key, and All Portraits)


So this month, the month of September, every time TBG is to play osu!, he is to masochistically play left-handed and only left-handed. As a soley Right-handed person, this is bound to be "interesting" to see how this develops....


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Lyra is best pony, no competition.


I made a deal with some people, that if this stream, today, can go over 30 viewers, I will not only drop my real name for ALL to see, but I will wear it out, across discord for a full 2 weeks.


For osu! Incentives, you can send $1 for a garunteed next play of any map of choice With 0 Chance of it getting turned down (Remember, Regular Chat requests can be turned down at TBG's discretion). For $5, you can have TBG sing one of his set songs, of HIS choice, or, you can make it $10 for any song of your choice* (*Limit one $10 incentive donation per person, per stream, otherwise, it will be treated as 2 $5)


If you want me to play your map, put the link to the map in chat, so Mikuia can send it to me


Shut up nighbot, it's not MY fault i'm slow


Natdog37 and Illeria are my only rivals in standard, if you find a score of theirs that either of them beat me on, or on a map i haven't played, please give it to me, so i can school them! TriHard OpieOP


[email protected]#$%&ING #$%^@ @#*$^@!




https://puu.sh/FjxGm/1563d3ba94.osk Random Mash-up i made myself, nothing special


AMD Ryzen 7 2700, AMD RX 580, and 16 GB of RAM


I use a Wacom intuos CTL-490


Donation incentives for Tetris: $5 I will play any mode of your choice (Choices vary be active title), $15 I will kill myself, regardless how close or important the match is. (Please don't make me do that)


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I'm not using the wrong skin, i just use others' skins on occasions, most commonly, it'd be my friend, Gamer_Shy's skin