Howdy gamers, i'm RocketSamurai. I like to play video games and socialize with other fellow gamers. I'm a variety streamer, but i mainly play Overwatch and osu!.

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My current area https://gyazo.com/1cd1e8457c6c2c1e5457902d892a0ca9


Current BetterTwitchTv emotes : pepeJAMJAM ppHop monkaEXTREME pepeBASS pepeJAM sumSmash blobDance DragonDance peepoHuggers samuraiU koyoPls gachiHop monkaSHAKE TriKool Clap IncreasinglyAngeryCog ppOverheat OMEGAROLL monkaTOS forsenPls HatDance KKool WeebsOut samuraiW wheelSLIDE HYPERS BBoomer AngryBlob PepeS RainbowPls xqcSmash RemWoop PepegaPls CCOGGERS pepeFASTER pepeD gachiHYPER pepeDHaw SansDefault peepoPat pepeSmoke ricardoFlick breadHyperParty ShotzR CrabPls DANCE MonkaWeird forsSmash PepePls PepeDS gachiBASS


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Don't have one, cus no one will join PepeHands


Current FrankerFaceZ emotes in this channel : PagChomp KKonaW PogU VaN widepeepoSad forsenCD peepoHappy NaMChamp PepeHands WeirdChamp gachiPRIDE monkaTOS 4HEad PogMe HYPERBRUH WideHard MaN KKomrade PepeLaugh 4HEader ZULUL FeelsBadMan HYPERS OMEGALUL Champ OkayChamp TriEasy HYPERDANSGAME 4House 4Town LULW FeelsOkayMan Pepega AYAYA FeelsGoodMan monkaOMEGA WidestHard PogYou FeelsWeirdMan OgU 3Head 5Head Pepepains monkaW HandsUp peepoPog Pog widepeepoHappy Kapp NaM


https://twitter.com/RocketSamurai/status/1238499880668221442 <--- Enter here


Allows requesting songs.


Mods I am using for this Play Through : Recipe Browser, Boss Checklist, Boss health bar, which mid is this from, more chest loot, Weapon out, Wildlife, Calamity mod music and pack, Vein Miner


{{ displayName }} - im listening to playlist : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVtNcCwMY58&list=PLe81_G-QBIC497O3uUt-d0btKQLfkeMjs&index=40


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHW1oY26kxQ <--- chill music when Just Chating or playing chill game




elohere x Seouless https://www.mediafire.com/file/2v237b6k0i8ccia/-+elohere+x+Seouless.osk


XP-Pen G430S


https://twitter.com/RocketSamuraixd <---- I post things when i feel like it


Shows the current stream uptime.


https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1857085920 <------ My animated wallpaper for Wallpaper Engine, free to use!