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I'm FishTamer! I play Dark Souls, Halo, Rocket League, KOTOR 1 and 2, various RPGs...look to the panels for more info!

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Get the daddy!

!duel 2

Allows viewers to challenge others to 1v1.


Thank you Juozu, oh glorious waifu.


Shows user's level.


Thank you Piiva, oh glorious waifu.


Join me in jolly cooperation!


Rolls a dice.


♣ Be good. ♣ Don't be bad. ♣. No spoilers or backseating! My mods are vicious defenders of my innocence and I will ask for your help if I'm failing hard enough. Thanks! ♣ No racial slurs. ♣ Respect da cheeze.

!songrequest 5

Requests a song to be played.


Thank you Steve, oh glorious waifu.


Thank you Mikuia, oh glorious waifu.


Shows the current stream uptime.