I am a fan of all sorts of games and ive been streaming for quite some time so i have a lot of knowledge when it comes to streaming. If you like the stream don't forget to like my facebook page and follow me on twitter!

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AgentXMan aka AgentXDeadpool is an awesome friend of Drfunkz and tends to do very well at coordinating Overwatch matches!


Drfunkz is trying to get a new webcam for his stream. To donate to Drfunkz you can go to: https://streamlabs.com/drfunkz


Deliver food directly to funkz's front door! click this link! https://treatstream.com/t/treat/drfunkz




The lovely and talented Miss Lauren is the artistic talent, that puts many others to shame with her incredible ways with creating new emotes, and really cool drawings. Check her out at www.twitch.tv/laurenpatrisia


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!meow 10s

♫♪meow♫♪ meow♫♪ meow♫♪ meow ♫♪meow♫♪ meow♫♪ meow♫♪ meow ♫♪meow♫♪


Pizzzapizza is our resident tetris sprint expert and has special permission to talk about his game and is the only one who can talk about a game i dont play for hours on end. Also he does not stream yet but give him a follow anyways at: twitch.tv/pizzzapizza Kappa


Go here to see your funky ranking. http://mikuia.tv/levels/drfunkz


Remember to ask Cade any questions that you need the most amazing answer to at anytime wisdom is kind of his thing!


Sneaky as he may be, this mysterious individual has always been in the channel lurking at some point during the stream Kappa.


Red has supported this stream for a long time and he is an awesome person!


Beam my up Scotty! -Ocarinaman7


me 3 minutes = drfunkz 2017