I'm a nice person, and I hope you enjoy conversing with me.Ok that sounded weird, but whatever you wanted a bio so heres one!

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Mikuia and Alla cuddle together at a bench outside at the local park, they look at eachother at the same time and turn away quickly, faces flushed red. Then they look at eachother one more time and they stare at eachother for what seemed like an eternity, they slowly leaned in closer to eachothers faces until their lips met~


one day alla and shru are walking in the park and out of no were shru touches allas boob alla screems shru asks what's wrong they have been dating for months and haven't done anything hentai related alla agrees they find a room in the middle of Africa shru slowly unzips allas skirt as alla unbuckles shrus pants..... (Fan fiction created by Jasecrouse11)


Adds/edits a dummy command.


Multi-purpose coin command.



!cuddle 5 900


!fite 2

Allows viewers to challenge others to 1v1.

!hug 2 700


!kiss 10 1500



Shows user's level.

!love 15 5500



Osu! is a rhythm game that involves moving your mouse cursor over notes then tapping the set keyboard keys to hit it. Sounds simple and easy amiright?

!randomsong 5 60s 5000



Rolls a dice.


http://puu.sh/liV5g/cbbc1835d7.rar This is a mashup, I dont take credit for making anything but the key overlay.


Shows the current stream uptime.