Well, hello there!

If you're here, it means you have interest in supporting the project!
As you may know or not, things in this world cost money. Lots of money.
Servers, services, even time is money.
Let's make a deal. You help us out with few dollars, and we'll give you some additional features!
Mikuia will always be free to use, and all the main features will never get hidden behind a paywall.
This is how you can help holding that promise unchanged!


Featured Channel

Your channel will be more likely to get featured on Mikuia.tv frontpage!
In case you're the only Supporter live, you'll be featured always, and if there are multiple, the featured channel will be chosen at random.

Offline Joining

Normally, Mikuia checks for new streams going live every few minutes, and joins those chats soon after.
This perk makes her join the channel always, not only when you're live, so your viewers can use commands even when you're offline.

Heart Icon

Featured Channel, profile pages, level lists, level-up notifications - the heart icon will make everyone aware that you support the project!

Separate Chat Connection

Your channel will get a separate chat connection, allowing the bot to spam 20 messages per 30 seconds!

(osu!) In-Game Twitch Chat Moderation

Use Twitch chat moderation commands straight from the game chat, in the same box you get requests from!
Examples: !ban, !slow, !subscribers, !timeout, !unban (!host / !unhost require you to set Mikuia as an editor of your channel)

Support on Patreon!

Buy Supporter
If you donated in the past, you can get few months of supporter from your previous donations, just contact me on Discord or [email protected]!