Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Guide

Warning. This guide pretends you got at least to Step 3 in the Quick Start Guide. If you didn't, please check it out, or at least figure out how to enable the bot.

This guide will explain how to get your own CS:GO MM rank command like this one:

First thing you'll have to do is enabling the Steam plugin here.
It's required by the CS:GO and lets you link your Steam account with Mikuia.
Go to your Dashboard, select Plugins, find Steam on the list, and enable it.

After you enable the plugin, click the Settings button for the Steam plugin.
You should now see an empty field called "Steam ID".
Click the login link under the field to link your Steam account.

This step is very similar to the first one, you should know what to do here.

This step is self-explanatory too.
Here's a profile link.

Mikuia should now include your profile in the profile info checks every 10 minutes.
Keep in mind that in order for the rank to update:

  • You need to be live on Twitch.
  • Your stream game has to be set as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • Your Steam account has to be linked to Mikuia.
  • You need to have CS:GO launched.
Now, you can go to the Commands and add your rank command.

Keep in mind that this feature is in beta. If you encounter any critical issues with it, please let me know on Mikuia Support. Have fun.