Bad coder, bad gamer and lazy piece of shit.
Made this whole thing though pretty much alone.


Touched few things, broke few things, but helped with few things.
Refuses to take credit for anything.

Xikeon (Michael Owens)

Barely did anything, but still worth mentioning for no reason.

Nikersify (Maciej Łaszcz)

Touched literally 3 lines of code. Contributor.


One of the earliest adopters, supported the project with both feedback and money. ^^

Ayu (previously iKayla)

Huge help both in the early stages of development and nowadays.
Testing, reporting bugs, suggesting features and being overly supportive!


Massive financial support and feedback!
Cool guy.


Yes, I'm putting myself in the notable mentions because I can.
Come at me.


Most dev and user friendly game developer I ever met!
I met one.


First Mikuia user ever, and first Twitch streamer I've watched.
Mikuia was basically made for him back in 2013 :P


Also one of the first users, made sure to spread the word a little.
Also invited me to a Twitch team, The Anime Club :D

wKevs (previously WG_K3F1n)

Second Mikuia user ever. Inspiration, ideas, feedback, motivation and amazing friend!